Saturday, January 24, 2015

Wisconsin Digital collections at the UW


If you have not used this collection, you could be missing out on a HUGE, source of records.
In 2000, the University Digital Collections  system, in cooperation with the UW faculty created this Free access to the digital collections.  They have worked with public libraries, and the State of Wisconsin, to preserve and make available FREE to the public, researchers and students.   

The collection could make you dizzy. My focus is going to be on what can help us, as Genealogist and Wisconsin Historians.

This first collection: The State of Wisconsin Collection, 
For a broad search, click the link below and a list of: Materials in the Collection    list     appears with click-able links.   
At the top of the page you can click : Search the collection  
I rarely search by text, reason: if you don't get just the right word, it will tell you nothing exists. 

I prefer the first choice, as I get a wide view of what is here.
For example: scroll down to: Janesville Past link on the main page (about the middle of the page).

The first thing you see on this page, Janesville Past, is a window that says "Click to browse by collection".
I would strongly suggest you skip it this first time.  Scroll down the page you are on, and you will see more of an explanation of the collection, keep going down, you will now see more of the collections.

Here you will find City and County Directories for Rock county residents, businesses, Janesville and Beloit.
The directories cover from 1857 to  1931, not complete.  Of note 1889  1890 1892/93  -a great help for filling in the blanks of the 1890 lost census.

Note the 1878-1879 directory even covers La Crosse. 
All click-able, and able to view online.

Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for the Additional Resources page. Obituary index/ Historical Society/Genealogical Societies. 

Remember to go back to the top of the page, and check out the collection by Subject Grouping.

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Nadine Guilbault
Wisconsin Genealogist